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Ex-Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio Developers Working On New AAA Game Based On “Popular IP”

That’s No Moon, a new development studio founded in 2021 by veterans in the industry from studios such as Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, and more, is developing a new AAA title that is based on an existing popular IP.

Former project writer Andrew M. Henderson claims to have just finished a 15-month stint writing for the studio and seemingly confirmed that the new title will be based on an existing popular IP on Stage 32 — a creative class hosting website — where Henderson is hosting some classes on working in games writing.

“Teaching you everything you need to know about the craft and business of writing for video games is Andrew Henderson, a working Video Game writer who is one of the writers on the new AAA-game studio game That’s No Moon based on popular existing intellectual property.”

Outside of the fact that That’s No Moon has previously promised to create an action-adventure game, no other details of the project are currently known.

What do you think? Are you excited by this? Any predictions for what the existing popular IP may be? Let us know below!

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