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Wild Hearts

EA Reportedly Slashing Wild Hearts Support

Reports surfaced that EA is readying to wipe Wild Hearts support after only seven months on the market. 

As detailed by Insider Gaming, subreddit moderator BeardyShaman took center stage on the subreddit to reveal — before EA could — that the game’s support is halting and that “in typical EA news,” the massive dev couldn’t wait for the game to find footing and potentially find itself as a notable Monster Hunter-esque title.

EA hasn’t officially pulled the plug yet, so this remains a rumor, but considering the person alleging this is known to be buddy-buddy with the CM and one of its devs, it does hold weight. PSX Extreme has reached out to EA and will update this post once we receive a response.

What do you think? Have you played WIld Hearts? Let us know below!

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