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Detachable PS5 Slim Disc Drive Can Easily Be Swapped Between Consoles

A recent teardown video has quelled concerns that the detachable disc drive that’s so prominently a selling point of the new PS5 Slim models, would be locked to one console. If you need to change them out, it’s not that hard, you will need a one-time internet connection, though.

PlayStation-focused YouTuber Mystic shared a teardown video that touched on the peripheral, which will more or less act like a DualSense. While an internet connection is needed to register the disc drive, once it’s registered, it can be used offline, only needing to be resynced when players reset their console.

Meanwhile, you can swap between disc drives easily, as all you really need to do is register the new disc drive feasibly after resetting your console.

What do you think? Are you buying a Slim or sticking with the chunky boy? Let us know below!

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