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Broken Roads Delayed Just Days From Release

Drop Bear Bytes’ cRPG Broken Roads has been slapped with a delay mere days before the game was poised to release. The game will now release in early 2024.

The Australian dev team announced on Twitter (via IGN) that the game needs a bit more polish and won’t be released until next year. Billed as an isometric RPG akin to the old PC Fallout games set in Australia, Broken Roads looks rather promising for that niche demographic. Now, rather than a split release as initially intended, Drop Bear Bytes plans on releasing all versions together.

This is no doubt a disappointment to some, but it is refreshing considering how many games would just let the game release in an unpolished or incomplete state just to have legions of fans — understandably — demanding fixes.

What do you think? Are you happy the team is delaying the game rather than “fixing it later?” Are you going to pick up Broken Roads when it releases next year? Let us know below!

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