It’s already been another month and Sony has revealed the next set of free games for Playstation Plus for the month of May. This month is a decent set of games depending on whether you already own them or not. Beyond: Two Souls is a decent way to get ready for Quantic Dream’s upcoming Detroit: Become Human (they like they’re colons) although some critics consider it to be a weaker entry for the company.

Rayman Legends is a sequel to Rayman Origins and is a great platformer. Playstation 3 has a couple decent games this month as well with Eat Them! Turning out to be a fairly deep action game with customizable monsters. Vita rounds out the month with a couple oddball games (pun may have been intended) in King Oddball and Furmins. King Oddball is the only game with cross buy this month for PS3 and Vita.



Beyond: Two Souls

Rayman Legends


Risen 3: Titan Lords

Eat Them!


King Oddball (cross buy for PS3 and PS4)


Do you see any games that look enticing? I think this will be a good time for me personally to play Beyond: Two Souls as I missed out on that one. What do you think of the Plus games for next month?

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