Fallout 76 Patch

After 24 hours of teasing and “#pleasestandby” trending on Twitter (which the TV test-card fans of the Fallout series will find familiar) and a bobblehead Fallout Boy puppet, Bethesda has lifted the vault door on it’s newest addition to the series in Fallout 76.

If we’re looking for clues for the location of vault 76, the song playing in the video is a cover of John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads, which is primarily about the natural wonders of West Virginia; feel free to make what you will from that. Should we make anything out of the fact that this isn’t a sequentially numbered title? Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas wasn’t one and that was arguably one of the best in the series. Will this be an online Fallout title? A new mobile game? Will the game be running on a new engine or the same Creation engine that brought us Skyrim and Fallout 4?

The Official Teaser Trailer doesn’t really tell us much; all the real good stuff Bethesda is keeping for their E3 showcase. Airing on Sunday, June 10th, it should be one of the hottest showcases this year.