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Astro Bot Contains Over 150 Cameos

The upcoming love letter to PlayStation history, Astro Bot,will include over 150 different cameos of characters from across the platform’s history. We already know some of them, like The Traveler from Journey, Kratos from God of War, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, and — bizarrely — Lady Maria from Bloodborne, which is earmarked as a pre-order bonus.

Following the reveal of the game, and speaking with Eurogamer, creative director Nicolas Doucet squashed the theory this was a nod that something was coming for the Bloodborne community. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the inclusion of the outfit was nothing more than celebrating the history of the console.

“There’s no secret meaning. It’s just a celebration of the whole PlayStation history.”

While the original Astro game — Astro’s Playroom — was a love letter to the hardware (at least until the recent update) and used to showcase the strong features found within the PS5, this new, full game puts a focus on the characters that made the console. It’s a natural progression for Team Asobi to introduce, but it is certainly a disappointing hit to Bloodborne community who just want to see the entry get some love with a modern version or even a PC port.

“Instead of the hardware we put our attention towards the characters. And that’s why we push these cameos. Before they were quite primitive, but now they feel much richer looking. It’s over 150 [cameos], so it’s going to go really deep and everybody should have their favorite ones.”

What do you think? Do you want to see something more from Bloodborne? Are you hyped for Astro Bot? Let us know below!

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