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Asterigos Announced For PS4, PS5 In Spring 2022

Taiwanese independent game developer ,Acme Gamestudio, just announced their latest RPG, Asterigos.  The game follows Hilda, a Northwind Legion warrior on a journey to find her father in the mythical cursed city of Aphes. The city and atmosphere is inspired by ancient Rome and classic Greek designs and is full of magic beyond belief.

Hilda’s combat style relies heavily on how you develop her. You are able to choose two out of six styles of combat to master that can lead to a multitude of combinations. There are over 60 different monsters to fight, and over 20 unique boss encounters to challenge.

Hilda herself is a young and impulsive warrior who is also kind-hearted and naive. Through her diary entries and the conversations she will have, you’ll piece together the history of Aphes. Asterigos is expected to release in spring 2022 for the PS4 with a PS5 enhanced version due in the fall.

What do you think? Are you excited about Asterigos? Tell us below!

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