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Arrowhead Rejects Helldivers 2 Story Mode Idea

New Arrowhead Game Studio’s CEO, Shams Jorjani confirms that Helldivers 2 will never have a story mode as it would be basically “building an entirely new game.”

In a rather candid response to a fan on X, Jorjani said it’s “never happening.” The idea of a story mode could appeal to some, especially with co-op involved, but it’s likely not something everyone would use, which would make it worth it to introduce into the game.

Helldivers 2 has been absolutely insane, while it has slowed down in terms of downloads last month, only managing to secure the fourth and fifth spot respectively in North America and Europe and player count declining, that is expected for any live service game. Additionally, the team is taking a summer break, which could also impact the game’s player count, without knowing people are working on something can lead to players falling off and playing something else until updates resume.

What do you think? Are you still playing Helldivers 2? Do you want a co-op story mode? Let us know below!

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