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Kill It With Fire VR

Arachnophobia Sim Kill It With Fire Is On PSVR 2

Arachnophobia simulator Kill It With Fire is now available in glorious VR, letting you really feel like you’re decimating the spider population. VR versions of this spider-slaying sim has been lingering around its community for some time before developer Casey Donnellan Games announced that it would happen earlier this year.

This spider-killing simulator dropped its launch trailer on the PlayStation YouTube, featuring clips of the game and declaring that you can “pick things up with your eyes.” Of course, this is made possible because of the eye-tracking tech found in the PSVR 2.

Complete with nine maps, 24 weapons, and “so many spiders,” Kill It With Fire VR is probably going to amp that chill factor up tenfold.

What do you think? Have you played the original? Let us know below!

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