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PSX Extreme may be the oldest PlayStation news website in the world, but that doesn't mean we're owned or operated by Sony. If you need support related to your PlayStation Network account, hardware repair, or anything that requires an official Sony representative to assist you, do not post here. This is not an official support channel, and Sony employees do not monitor our forums in any kind of official capacity. Every single person here is a gamer just like you, and this forum is entirely user powered and user generated.

While PSX Extreme staff will also do our absolute best to assist you, please know that even we don't work for Sony. In fact, most of us are volunteers. We love writing about and playing video games, and we're proud to do so for the oldest PlayStation publication on the planet. Do not ask a staff member to contact someone in the video game industry. Just because we have industry contacts, doesn't mean we intend to ever use them for general support on behalf of our users.


Our usual forum rules still apply. You have been warned.