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Ubisoft's Free-To-Play Roller Champions Reportedly Canned


Reports show signs of Ubisoft's Roller Champions getting canned not even a year after its release. The game will reportedly get cancelled after season 3.

The game was initially released in May free-of-charge as a third-person 3v3 multiplayer title. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the game wasn't hitting all the right marks, leading to a mixed bag of reviews a small bout of bad game development mistakes.

During an appearance on the XboxEra Podcast, industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed that he heard of the news right before the show. Reportedly, Roller Champions will get one last hoorah before fading into the oblivion for good. 


It's worth noting that Ubisoft has yet to comment, but with their track-record of shutting down games early in its life cycle, we wouldn't put it past them to close up shop for the game's development if it's really only going to be a mediocre experience for critics and fans alike. Such is the case for Ubisoft's now-shut down battle royale, Hyper Scape, which launched in late 2020 and has been cancelled earlier this year.

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Managing Editor

Topic starter Posted : 26/07/2022 10:30 am

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