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Telltale Making a Stranger Things Game

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Unless you’ve been locked away in a secret facility, chances are you have heard of the show Stranger Things. The Netflix series has an awesome sci-fi 80’s vibe and is a great watch. If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and go do it now. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Telltale Games hopped on Twitter a few days ago to basically confirm that they are working on their own take on the series. Remember, these are the same guys that created some of the most well known versions of Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Batman, and The Walking Dead. I think it’s safe to say Telltale is more than capable.

There isn’t really any information on the game besides this tweet, so we’ll have wait for anything substantial. But Stranger Things has a rich story and world with a lot of potential for the Telltale treatment. Hopefully we’ll hear some more news soon.

What do you think of Telltale creating a Stranger Things game?

Posted : 18/06/2018 10:03 pm
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Should be interesting to see their take on the series, they've done a good job with the ones i've played, so i'm comfortable with them taking on Stranger Things.

Posted : 18/08/2018 1:29 pm