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Sony Reveals PS5 Logo Over Console Design, Fans Are Not Impressed

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Sony has revealed the PS5 logo at CES 2020 . . . and it's exactly what you'd expect. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Sony gave the console some time to shine. The revealed logo is exactly what many probably expected from Sony's mainstay console lineup. It's nearly identical to that of the last three incarnations.

The PlayStation event at CES 2020 also had SIE's president Jim Ryan reassuring the inclusion of a few features the console will have. These features include Ultra HD Blu-Ray, high-speed SSD, ray tracing, and more.

All in all, it was far from a huge reveal like the Xbox Series X was during 2019's Game Awards, where it revealed the design of the console, but at least we know Sony is comfortable with the logo template they have.

As for fans, though, they aren't very impressed with this reveal. Some are angry that Sony showed its "new" logo over the console itself. Others wanted to make fun of it. One user compiled a post showing the logo alongside its precursors and questioning whether they were supposed to be excited about the reveal.

Another went about reminding people the actual logo is the PlayStation symbol since the rest is a downloadable font.

The PS5 is set to hit store shelves during the holidays this year.

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

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Posted : 07/01/2020 8:56 pm