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Sony Renews PlayStation Home Trademark

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Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger
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If you were around in the PS3 days, odds are you heard of PlayStation Home, the PS3 social experience that allowed players from all over meet and talk behind the safety of their screen and avatar.

If that sounds cool to you and you want to get into it, unfortunately, the service has been shuttered for six years now. Now, fans are hopeful as Sony has renewed their trademark on PlayStation Home.

Most likely this won't lead to anything, companies renew trademarks all the time just to keep on file so no one else can steal the IP.

That said, with Sony's more fan-oriented approach to the next-gen, this could possibly be a means to bring it back once they launch the PSVR 2, which could come out anywhere from 2022 or beyond.

Of course, this is just a theory and isn't indicative of their actual plans, which is probably mostly sitting on it.

What do you think? Do you want to see PlayStation Home come back? Tell us below!

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Managing Editor

Posted : 24/04/2021 2:10 pm