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Senna Forever Expansion For Horizon Chase Turbo Launches October

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To some, Ayrton Senna's name might not mean anything, but to others, he was a legendary Brazilian driver. To honor the legacy of such an iconic figure, Horizon Chase Turbo will be releasing an expansion based on the driver titled Senna Forever. The pack will contain new cards, tracks, and other features completely inspired by Senna. You can expect a Career Mode, Championship Mode, achievement system, and more.

In the expansion, you will have access to five different chapters each filled with races from Senna's life. He even gets his own achievements called Senna Marks in-game as well as a cool narrative screen when you finish a race.

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever will be launching on October 20 for PS4.

What do you think? Are you excited for Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever? Tell us below!

Posted : 14/10/2021 1:57 am