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PS4 Sales Dwarf Xbox One Sales

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Microsoft is still actively feuding with governments to let its Activision Blizzard acquisition go through. Chief among the hurdles is Brazil's CADE. More court papers are making its way to the internet and it shines a light on surprisingly different sales numbers between the PS4 and its generational competition, the Xbox One.

As spotted by GameLuster, apparently, the lifecycle of the Xbox One hasn't even met half of the PlayStation 4 all-time sales. Not only is this high-profile because it shines a bit more light onto what console ends up in one's home, but it also marks Xbox's first time sharing console sales numbers in a long time.

The console maker has refused to share console sales numbers dating as far back as 2015, according to Game Informer. The reason in the public's eye was because sales wasn't the be-all-end-all and Microsoft preferred to look at engagement for signs of success.

Last year, a report from Ampere Analysis indicated that Xbox was behind the pack, even fumbling behind Nintendo and its hybrid console. It was only solidified earlier this year when Sony released the final sales numbers for the PS4, marking a stellar 117.2 units.

This is actually possibly the way to save this acquisition, funnily enough, as it will prove even with Activision Blizzard under its belt, Sony's PlayStation is still a hurdle Microsoft has to jump through.

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