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PlayStation Plus Essential January 2023 Games Leak

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Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger
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It's looking like PlayStation Plus Essential has quite the slate for the turn of the year. That's right, the next turn of the year line of free games have leaked.

Dealabs user billbil-kun has accurately leaked the free monthly games almost every month since September 2021, so we can expect this is probably no different. 

The turn of the year will see PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers able to swipe up the side-scrolling Metroidvania, Axiom Verge 2, for PS5 and PS4, the much-maligned multiplayer adventure, Fallout 76, which hasn't found a native PS5 version yet, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for PS5 and PS4.

You'll be able to claim the new batch of free games from January 3 to February 7.

We're coming up on the tail end of this line of games, so you might want to get on adding them to your library. This month the games are Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Devine Knockout.

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Managing Editor

Posted : 23/12/2022 10:06 am