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U.S. Release For Ghosthunter

Ty Harvey

Update: This week, Namco revealed that they will be handling the publishing for the domestic release of Ghosthuner.1up.com is reporting they received a package today regarding the domestic release of Ghosthunter. The package contained a handwritten note on a torn page of looseleaf paper signed by Anna Steele, and a disc with bloody handprints on the case. On the disc was a teaser trailer that failed to mention any specific title, though the British accents and subject matter leave little doubt. Furthermore, Anna Steele is a supporting character in Ghosthunter. Suprisingly, the package did not contain any sort of information as to who is publishing the title. An announcement is expected soon.Ghosthunter, developed by Studio Cambridge, was released last year in Europe to mixed reviews. Much like the studio's other title, Primal, Ghosthunter features stunning visuals, but many complained about the camera and controls. We'll have more for you as it's avaliable.

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2004 3:26 pm

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