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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Confirmed for PlayStation 4

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Sony has officially confirmed the release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, for the PlayStation 4. Turns out the rumors were true. The company uploaded a trailer to their Youtube channel and made a post, showing off the brand new cross-console multiplayer. Which will be included in the upcoming version of the game. This means that you now have the ability to join your friends in their own Minecraft worlds, no matter what platform they are on. This includes Xbox, Switch, Windows 10, and mobile.


Additionally, with this new update, you can access the “Minecraft Marketplace”. This virtual store is a source for digital skins, new minigames, worlds, and mashup packs.

Finally, if you already own Minecraft for the PlayStation 4, you will be receiving Bedrock Edition for free just by updating your game to the latest version, starting tomorrow. Now get out there and start mining!

Posted : 09/12/2019 11:06 pm