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Mass Effect Legendary Edition To Have Photo Mode

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Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger
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As of late, a lot of games have been tossing in a photo mode for all its photogenic moments. Usually, it's the games that have outstanding graphics or something worthy of such a mode. Some fans wanted to know if there will be a photo mode in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Turns out, there will be. As announced over on Twitter, Legendary Edition's project director revealed that it will include a photo mode and that they were conveniently calibrating it.

The mode looks to offer up all the usual features like tilting, camera effects, and directly moving the camera.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming out on May 14.

What do you think? Do you have an eye for photograph-worthy moments? Tell us below!

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Managing Editor

Posted : 18/04/2021 8:14 pm

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