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God of War is Now Fastest Selling PS4 Exclusive

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It seems like God of War is still making waves in the gaming world. Not only is it held in high esteem by players and critics alike (us included), it has become the fastest selling exclusive game for the PS4. In a post over at the Playstation Blog they announced that God of War has sold 3.1 million copies of the game worldwide in the first three days. Wow.

That’s a huge amount. To put things into perspective, Uncharted 4 sold 2.7 million in its first week and Horizon sold 2.6 million in two weeks. Both of those are the top selling PS4 exclusives at 8.7 million and 7.6 million respectively. It’s entirely possible that God of War might surpass those numbers as time goes by.

I can only imagine how ecstatic the team is over at Santa Monica Studio. It wasn’t that long ago when Cory Barlog had an emotional reaction to the scores the game was receiving. Studio Head Shannon Studstill chimed in on the blog post as well.

“I would like to personally thank the millions of fans around the world who decided to embark on Kratos’ latest adventure with us. Your support is truly inspiring, and it’s a reason why we push ourselves every day to go beyond the boundaries of play. I’d also like to thank our Creative Director, Cory Barlog, and Director of Product Development, Yumi Yang and our entire amazing team at Santa Monica Studio. The belief in the game’s vision and the passion for storytelling across the team is undeniable. We look forward to hearing more about how fans are creating new memories of their favorite God of War gameplay moments that will be remembered for a long time.”

Kudos to the team. They have really done something pretty awesome with this game. If you haven’t played God of War yet, you owe to yourself to get a copy. It’s one of those rare cases when something actually is as good as they say it is.

Posted : 03/05/2018 7:45 pm

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