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E3 Is Returning Digitally For 2021

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The year 2020 was a crazy year. Mostly thanks to the global pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives in some form or another. It hit the gaming industry in a big way as well. Especially for live events. Last year the E3 was canceled altogether thanks to Covid-19. A few companies had their own events however, including Sony’s own showcases. And Geoff Keighley picked up some of the slack with a slew of announcements with Summer Game Fest (which will also be making a return this year).

The good news is that E3 will be returning for 2021 with a four-day all-digital event June 12 to the 15.


Some of the big companies have already signed up to be present including Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony, as of right now, is absent from the list. Sony bowed out from E3 2019 and had no plans to attend last year’s event before it was canceled. So, this isn’t all that surprising. You can see more of ESA's announcement here, including attending companies.

It’s “Game On.” for E3, as The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) officially unveils plans for a reimagined, all-virtual E3 2021 that will engage video game fans everywhere. With early commitments from Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Games, Koch Media, and more to come, E3 2021 will take place June 12 through June 15.

E3 being all digital is a natural result of the times we live in. While things will eventually return to normal, the pandemic has changed live events in a big way. It may have changed how we consume live events permanently. Either way, check your calendars and see what the future brings. We’ll bring more news along with it.

Are you excited to see E3 return? What would you like to see announced?

Posted : 06/04/2021 9:24 pm