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Rules of the Forum - Read Before Posting

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1) Don't spam. This means DO NOT reply to a conversation if you have nothing of substance to contribute.


2) Respect others opinions. Feel free to discuss and debate, but be respectful. We love all consoles here. Fanboys, expand your horizons. Feel free to discuss good games on other consoles.


3) You will get banned for being an obnoxious jackass. If you troll, you will be asked to stop. If you continue to troll, you will be banned.


4) If you think we've moderated something in error, send us a polite PM, and we'll take another look. Flipping out will only lead to #3 (read above).


5) No verbal threats, racist remarks, or foul language is permitted. Music lyrics are an exception, but that is it. Use good judgment.


6) No offensive/NSFL content is to be posted. Anything with mass blood, wretched guts, disfigured bodies, among other horrific scenery will lead to a permanent ban.


7) No sexually explicit/NSFW content. NSFW = Banned.


8) No piracy. Talks about anything that related to pirating software (making illegal copies of games) WILL be removed. Consistent failure to comply will lead to a ban (length pending). Exceptions will NOT be made. Threads about emulators and ROMs for OLDER systems will be permitted.


9) Bait messages or attempts to flame other people will be met with disciplinary action. Don't be a jackass.


10) Do not advertise your site, forum, clan, or lemonade stand on PSX Extreme. You may put a link to the site if it is relevant to the discussion at hand. It must be a clean site, including no nudity, racism, or illegal information.


11) Female members are not to be subjected to vulgar sexual come ons. "I'd hit it", while a joke to some, is offensive to women. If you'd like to comment on the looks of your fellow female posters, do it with respect -- avoid vulgar slang terms.



Posted : 13/02/2020 8:37 pm