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We're testing a new comment system, which is meant to replace Disqus.

This new system requires that you create a PSXE account. So if you haven't already, please be sure to register for an account.


Neat, but why?

Back in 2017 and earlier, PSX Extreme used a custom-built account and comment system that was way ahead of its time. This was, obviously, well loved by our community.

When we moved over to Disqus, we also ended up removing the old account system, and all registered accounts that went with it. While this meant a more universal approach to commenting, it felt a bit like we were distancing ourselves from our own community, since people were no longer signing up to be a part of PSX Extreme, and were instead a part of Disqus.


What are the benefits though?

This new comment system gives us more control over how commenting on PSX Extreme works, which means more features, more functionality, and in general, an overall better experience. Our new system is actually very similar to the one we used way back in 2007.


Do I need a new account?

If you've created an account within the last year, you'll be fine. Just login as normal, and you'll be able to comment and interact with our community immediately.

If you had an account from 2017 or earlier, you'll need to make a new one.


Okay, so what's next? 

Right now, we're focusing on our comment system, which makes use of our new internal account system. Beyond that, we're trying to turn PSX Extreme into something a bit more social.

Commenting via a PSX Extreme account is really just the beginning of something bigger, and we can't wait to show you all what we've got planned for the future.


So,what do you think?

I know this is a rather big change, so I wanted to formally invite you to share your feedback on this whole thing. Do you like this? Do you have something to say? Let us know by responding back to this thread.

Posted : 18/10/2020 8:56 am