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Most Anticipated Adventure Games for PS5 in 2024 and Beyond

2023 was a great year for games: a year that saw the release of games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (and Spider-Man games are always a treat to play), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (which, whilst part of a largely predictable franchise, still represents a huge release) and Baldur’s Gate 3 (a game, at its core, about choice and consequence). 

PlayStation 5 as a console has gone from strength to strength, and whilst certain games have been more audacious than others, the fact is that Sony has done a great job of ensuring that its “creative” output it counterbalanced by predictable and safe releases that keep all the shareholders happy. With that being said, the studio cannot rest on their laurels, given that any sub-par year can be perilous with respect to a company’s stocks and growth, and so a great 2024 is as essential to Sony as every other year that has come before, especially with Steam being such a powerful presence within the gaming landscape nowadays.

With respect to the “console wars”, this generation has been different from every other: Sony’s main competitor, Xbox, is battling Playstation as best as it can, but  there is no longer such a thing as an “Xbox exclusive”, given that every game playable on the Xbox is also playable on the P.C. Still, games across every platform can be considered to be competing for gamers’ attention, so a great couple of years for Sony would do wonders for them.

Anticipated PS5 games of 2024: best new

Games in 2024 are, in general, absolutely incredible – graphical fidelity has never been better, and the writers of said games are more media-literate and incisive than ever, meaning that anyone looking for games to play has never had it better. Some miss the PlayStation 4 era – the era during which those aforementioned console wars were raging, and necessitating that Sony worked incredibly hard to stay on top – but the fact is that the gaming industry is in an incredible place right now, and it’s set to continue to grow with amazing games announced that will be coming to PS5 soon. 

With that being said, time doesn’t stop for any one – it just marches on – and so looking forward is always essential. That is why this list exists: in order to reveal to you the best upcoming new PS5 games: games that have exact release dates known, and some that don’t; games that are exciting; games that will change the lives of those that play them. So, here are some of the upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

Exciting, Upcoming adventure Games For The PS5

2024 Release Dates

To start us off, here is 2024’s lineup of games: games for 2024, as announced by the studios that made them.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware (or FromSoft, for short) is considered to be one of the developer’s very best showings, and an almost-perfect concatenation of the open-world genre with that of the Soulslike genre that they pioneered.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree, Isn’t a new game, per se, but a DLC, but when the base game was as good as Elden Ring was – an expansive open world take on the soulslike formula – this one definitely deserves a mention. Invoking the iconic imagery of the Erdtree in the title, it takes players to The Land Of Shadow, a new area wherein there can be expected to be new enemies, new pieces of equipment and, in general, new reasons to jump back in and extend your adventure.

Hopefully, we will get to further unravel the mysteries of the Erdtree in this one, and this game is set to release on June 20th.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Developed by A44 games, Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn is an extremely exciting upcoming game that is scheduled to release July 18th, and, like God Of War, it pits you against Gods. It is an open world RPG, and is utilizing Unreal Engine 4, which has, historically, made extremely beautiful games. 

You will be able to exert a massive influence upon the open world in which you find yourself: clearing out a village, for example, will induce its former residents to return, unlocking more content in the process. Their previous game, Ashen, evokes Dark Souls, and whilst it only has about 60% on Metacritic, it hopefully provided a sufficiently-high cash injection for them to knock this one out of the park.

Black Myth: Wukong

The game studio, Game Science – based out of China – has made a game based on a novel called Journey to the West, and so has made a game steeped in tradition: a game that invokes ancient Chinese mythology in order to create a moving and powerful experience. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X|S version has been delayed, but that obviously doesn’t affect PS5 gamers, and the game is set to release August 20th: gamers are looking forward to seeing this release in 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws

Developed by Massive Entertainment and published by LucasFilm Games, this is one of the most anticipated PS5 games of 2024. Referred to by Ubisoft as the “First-ever open world Star Wars game”, this game promises open-world action that every gamer can look forward to. Star Wars’ last few film outings have been controversial, to say the least, and many have gained a sense of fatigue with the franchise. 

However, a lot of the most recent game releases have been anything but controversial, and this game looks to continue that trend. The Star Wars Universe has, of course, seen a sort of rebirth with respect to how much in the forefront of the zeitgeist it has been in the last ten years, and Ubisoft are the masters of certain kinds of open world games: it is a great strategy to marry the kind of action gameplay that Star Wars necessitates with an open-world, as is allows for both the feeling of freedom and excitement, and I am extremely excited for what Gerighty called a “very focused action adventure RPG“: an open-world action RPG is just what the doctor ordered set in the Star Wars Universe is just what the doctor ordered (!), and is set to release on the 30th August.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

Henry Cavill has done work: his discussions of his love of Warhammer has brought the franchise into the zeitgeist in a huge way, and this new game is looking to capitalize upon that opportunity. Space Marine 2 is a sequel to 2011’s Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, which, like its predecessor, will be a hack-n-slash third person shooter. It will be coming September 9th, and is being developed by Saber Interactive. For fans of Warhammer as a whole, this is definitely not one to be missed. 

2025 Release Dates And Beyond


From the developers of Halo and Destiny comes a first-person shooter: a game in which you will become a “runner”, whereby you will compete against other real-world players (PvP) in order to gain resources and wealth, and is actually a “reboot”, or “relaunch’, of an already-existent franchise. 

Unfortunately, this game isn’t set to release until April 27, 2025, but the experience of watching trailers and reading information that is bound to be released throughout 2024 ensures that our relationship with engaging with the game can begin in earnest this year, and it’s something about which gamers are incredibly excited. 

Grand Theft Auto 6 

Rockstar are, perhaps, considered to be the most consistent studio at this point, having released Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 somewhat recently, alongside many other amazing games. What’s more, their releases are often somewhat paradigm-shifting: industry-leading technologies alongside top-tier writing, giving them the capacity to lead the way, rather than follow industry trends blindly. Rockstar’s attention-to-detail makes it feel super-easy to immerse oneself.

Now, a trailer has dropped, announcing their newest outing, GTA 6 and, of course, gamers are incredibly excited, as evidenced by the fact that the trailer has already received almost 200 million views. Excitement for the game is predicated on precedent – on the fact that every one of the mainline GTA releases has, in its own way, been era-defining – and this game will be sure to release to incredible sales. 

Previous entries in the series have served as scathing satires of society as the writers see it, and whilst the general gameplay loop is not thought to be a mystery – this is the sixth in a series of games that have always stuck to the same core gameplay loop – there will almost certainly be some novel gameplay elements, no matter how small, and this all-new story set in Leonida – their fictional rendering of Florida – should bring some incredibly third-person action alongside some hilarious story elements, and its online mode should be incredible. As masters of game design, it will be fascinating to see what Rockstar do with GTA 6, and it is set to release in late 2025. This will, doubtless, be one of the best new games on this list, and I can’t wait.

What do we expect from GTA 6 in terms of game mechanics?

As a minimum, that they Rockstar not to break what worked well in the 5th part and past parts, and as a maximum – the expansion and addition of complex mechanics of interaction with the game world. As an example, they can not only bring back the mechanics with casinos, as it was in SA, but also supplement them with betting on sports, buying horses for races. Especially since you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for this, you just need to look at the real world of igaming.

As Kate Richardson said, they can use the bonus system, deposits and other real world stuff on the easiest betting site to withdraw money. In the game, a separate character could be responsible for this, who would introduce the character into this world through quest lines, and the end would give the gambling establishment (or try to kill the protagonist, as he became his competitor, which is in the spirit of GTA).

Upcoming PS5 Games With Unknown Release Dates 

Little Devil Inside

A byproduct of a Kickstarter, difficulty is not the point of this survival game.  It’s already been delayed – it was set to release in 2022 at one time – but this game is extremely exciting to a lot of gamers on the basis of its unique artstyle (its grass looks great) in tandem with the kind of gameplay it promises. Hopefully, it’s almost ready to launch, as this is an incredibly anticipated PS5 game. However, its release date is as of yet unknown.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

Hideo Kojima is a stalwart of the video games industry, having helmed the massively popular and creative Metal Gear Solid franchise for many years, as well as having birthed P.T. – an incredibly enigmatic “Playable Teaser” – and, most recently, Death Stranding, a story set in the land of America whereby you join the ranks of what’s left of the government in order to make deliveries that reconnect America. It is a post-apocalyptic world that is, initially, imbued with mystery, and its sequel, Death Stranding 2: On The Beach has been announced.

The first game was considered somewhat polarizing upon release – people didn’t quite know what to make of it – but the Director’s Cut currently sits at over 90% on Steam, evidencing the fact that, over time, gamers have warmed to it, and its story about overcoming loneliness seems to have come to resonate more-and-more with gamers over time. 

Every one of Kojima’s releases becomes highly anticipated purely on the strength of the trust that gamers put in him, and this game is no exception. Death Stranding was not a horror game, per se, but it did contain horror elements, but fans of horror games that are also fans of Kojima’s will be most excited for one of Kojima’s other upcoming games, OD, though that one probably won’t release until around 2027. Death Stranding 2, though, is far likelier to release much ealier: potentially late 2024, though no set release date has been given as of yet. 

Light No Fire

Hello Games, as a studio, have performed a miracle, turning a PR disaster – No Man’s Sky rocky release – into a PR positive, with the studio having earned goodwill by sticking with the game, releasing a multitude of updates for free. 

The studio’s next game – Light No Fire – is set to utilize Hello Games’s expertise in creating huge games, giving you an entire planet to traverse, and, when one watches the trailer, one cannot help but feel awestruck by the visuals. It’s, visually-speaking, extremely different from No Man’s Sky – it almost seems a little bit medieval, given its fantasy setting – and it’s extremely exciting to imagine jumping into such a beautiful world. There is no set release date that has been given as of yet, but this is definitely one to watch!


This one is huge. Ken Levine, who previously pioneered with the Bioshock series, now has another game on the way, and it’s called Judas. Like the name implies with its biblical roots, Judas performs a kind of betrayal – a breaking free of the grooming of the computers that control its spaceship’s residents – and that’s who we’ll be playing as. Bioshock was an amazing game about free-will, about Objectivism, and about life: what it means to be alive, and what it means for life to not be worth living. An incredibly creative mind – a true auteur – Ken Levine’s Judas is definitely one to watch, though there is no release date announced as of yet.

Marvel’s Iron Man

Just like the film, The Avengers, was, this game is also a team-up: Marvel and Motive are working together to create Marvel’s Iron Man, and is, according to the official website, currently in the pre-production phase. 

This will be a fascinating release, though, given how much there is that one can do with this character: a character known for his charisma and complexity, whose billionaire and genius-level status gives him access to incredible technology that would be fascinating to see made into gameplay elements. POV shots within the films have induced – or, at the very least, exacerbated – the fantasy of flying around in Iron Man’s Suit, and here’s hoping that the Montreal-based studio, Motive, can pull it off.

Which is the most exciting PS5 game on this list?

There is obvious subjectivity around the above question. However, it’s hard not not to put GTA VI on the top of the list: a sequel to an amazing and consistent franchise from an amazing and consistent developer, with a trailer that is itself super-exciting?


Some of these games might get postponed; some might never come out. It’s a fact of life. However, excitement is such an important emotion: it brings us back to childhood; to wanting more than anything to have the thing that we loved come to pass, and, if even one of the games on this list ends up being great, that’s still a win. That still represents another great game that gamers get to play, and that’s great for gamers.