Both next-gen consoles are now available in North America and Europe, but which one has the holiday edge?

Going into the launches, it seemed that the PlayStation 4 had the worldwide lead by a fair margin, and was destined to outsell the Xbox One in the European region at least. There were even indications that Sony's new console would outstrip Microsoft's in the American market, which would be quite the accomplishment.

But have things changed now that both systems are on the market? Do the hardware breakdowns and analyses, software reviews, and general gamer feedback change the position of either manufacturer? Would you say that Microsoft benefited from those reports of defective PS4 units at launch? Can it be argued that Xbox One's launch lineup is just a little better than the PS4's, if only because of Forza 5 ? Do the reports of busted Xbox Ones mirror those of the PS4 reports in terms of frequency and severity, or are they worse? Blue line of death vs. green screen of death?

If you go by the hardware reviews from most major sources, the Xbox One isn't necessarily impressing anyone. At the same time, the PS4's hardware hasn't wowed the experts, either, as both are awfully similar in a variety of ways. Then again, many will argue that the PS4 has more potential and power, and some will point toward the many PS4 launch games that run in native 1080p as compared to the upscaled 1080p of most Xbox One titles. And of course, there's the price difference to consider, which could end up being the tipping point for the current holiday battle.

How do you see the race shaping up over the next month?

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