Has anyone noticed that Battlefield 4 appears to be winning the advertisement war against Call of Duty: Ghosts ?

I suppose it matters where you live and what types of media you see on a daily basis, but thus far, I'm seeing a pretty lopsided victory for EA.

Analysts have said that Ghosts probably won't break records the way its predecessors did, and even Activision themselves has stated that the new CoD isn't expected to top Black Ops II . Other industry insiders and gamers everywhere are saying there are visible signs of fatigue from the world's biggest shooter franchise.

And maybe we're seeing that reflected in the campaigns. Of course, it's not like Ghosts isn't being advertised; it really is all over the place, as the new CoD is every year. But Battlefield 4 seems to be more prevalent, especially on TV. I can't watch ESPN for more than fifteen minutes without seeing a BF4 commercial, and I don't think I've seen a Ghosts ad yet. Of course, the latter doesn't come out until this week, and BF4 launched last week, so perhaps that's normal. Even so, one would've expected the CoD campaign to have been in full swing for a month now, and I didn't see that.

I'm so used to being beaten over the head with CoD ads in October and November of each year, it's a little startling to see another shooter more often in that period of time. Am I the only one?

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