E3 is over for another year. 'whew'

Sorry, it's just about the games for me

I'm sorry, I'm just old-school. I don't really care much about slick new technology and stuff like the Wonderbook. Nor do I have a big interest in handheld gaming or multiplayer action. I'm not really even thinking about new consoles right now; I'm fine with what I've got, and I think others are as well. That being said, the reason why I liked Sony's press conference is because in my opinion, it clearly showed off the best games . Once again, I'd say PS3 exclusive software was a step above (although I have to admit that Watch Dogs looked insane ). The Last Of Us , God of War: Ascension , and Beyond: Two Souls prove two things to me:

1. The competition this generation is falling farther behind, and 2. The PS3 has plenty of juice left . That's why I really don't care when we see the PS4; the current console is capable of doing more – perhaps much more – and I want to see it. They quit on the PS2 too soon, I say.

Maybe Sony is really excited for The Last Guardian…

While I was disappointed not to see The Last Guardian at E3, I didn't really expect it to show up. Besides, based on Sony boss Scott Rohde's comments, it seems like the company is expecting nothing less than a full-fledged masterpiece . I think it's in the way the statement was worded; he mentions the "experience" they owe gamers, and that's part of the reason they don't want to talk about it right now. Essentially, they want to wait until it will really blow us away before unveiling it again, which in turn implies that Sony believes it will blow us away. Usually, extra long development cycles (and updates saying that progress is "slow") translate to bad news. But in this case, I'm not ready to get all pessimistic.

Fumito Ueda is one of those guys who won't let a mediocre product out the door, first and foremost. Secondly, I believe there were more than a few extenuating circumstances involved in the design process, which don't necessarily imply that the game itself was in trouble. So I'm willing to remain enthusiastic.

Personal gaming update

Well, I got the most absurd box ever for Lollipop Chainsaw . It includes cheerleader paraphernalia (no, I'm not kidding), a t-shirt, some keychains with the boyfriend's head, a 1GB flash drive (with the boyfriend's head floating in a little plastic bubble of blood at the end), and other wacky knick-knacks. Can't wait to try this one. I've also been having a lot of fun with Dragon's Dogma , which is a perfect example of "greater than the sum of its parts." There are technical issues and a few design problems, but the overall package is surprisingly solid and even addictive. It's not something I'll want to finish but it's still really worth playing, especially if you're a big-time role-playing aficionado.

Also, congrats again to Dancemachine55 for giving us a great guest breakdown of the E3 press conferences. Stay tuned for more reader-related activities. 🙂

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