April is a relatively slow month but at least there should be several big game announcements. Heck, we've already seen one…

God of War: Ascension has a lot to live up to

When the new God of War was announced this past week , I was very enthusiastic. I'm not a huge action buff, but each and every one of these games is just so amazing that they're impossible to ignore. And who would want to? Everything about this franchise, from the epic feel to the nearly flawless gameplay to the excellent pacing and unbelievable game design, has been almost off the charts. And of course, that means with each successive installment, the expectations get higher and higher…it has to be a difficult position for the developers. When you're in charge of one of the industry's very best , even the smallest slip can be viewed as highly disappointing.

These days, it seems gamers are becoming more and more difficult to please (sorry, I still say a great many are spoiled rotten) and if the devs don't deliver a genre-defining title and a legitimate game of the year contender, it will most certainly be seen as a step back. I'm also wondering how they'll approach the story, because prequels can be tricky; too many shortcuts and cliched elements can be utilized. So Ascension will definitely be under the microscope.

Quiet down, Crytek, just make a great game

We all got tired of Peter Moleyneux and his outlandish statements concerning Fable last generation. This generation, Crytek has repeated this "will push the consoles to their limits" statement quite a few times; repeatedly for Crysis 2 and once again, they're starting with Crysis 3 . They're not the only ones, though; PC-oriented developers typically look down on consoles, anyway, and just assume their projects (designed more for PC in the first place) are just going to be superior to anything in the console realm. Yeah, well, several PS3 exclusives have proven that to be incorrect, and unless Crysis 3 footage impresses me more than The Last Of Us , I think Crytek should just quiet down.

The Uncharted titles are graphical benchmarks this generation, regardless of platform, and to be perfectly honest, most PS3 exclusives have at least tried to push the technological capabilities of the machine. Therefore, in my eyes, the only teams who can legitimately say they're "pushing" the PS3 are the first-party studios. That's it. They know the console better than anyone, and that includes you, Crytek.

Side note- I'm sure Crysis 3 will be awesome.

Personal gaming update

Instead of doing what I should be doing – finishing Assassin's Creed: Revelations – I'm side-tracking myself. To relax, I went back to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (my favorite; just love the 80s theme) and had myself a no-holds-barred blast. Just silliness but still fun. Plus, I've found myself hooked on Shadow of the Colossus again; the HD remake is just incredible and I'm once again awed at the unparalleled design and artistry. I'm also still playing a few Vita games, and I'm tempted to go back to a recent Final Fantasy VII play-through, which I abandoned a few months ago. Sometimes this happens; a bunch of games get in the way of "progress." 😉

Stay tuned for more news concerning the upcoming feature giveaway, the next PSXE show, and interviews.

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