80+ degrees in March is ridiculous . Just had to say that.

Cross-game promotion is cool, Rockstar, but…

For the record, I say the idea of creating "crews" in Max Payne 3 and being able to use them in GTAV multiplayer is wicked cool. It might actually entice me to go online with those games. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear, Rockstar:

You had best not gimp either game for the sake of the all-powerful multiplayer. I'm fine with creating the deepest, funnest multiplayer imaginable for both titles, provided it doesn't in any way impact the campaign experiences. Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto have been defined by their unbelievably memorable single-player adventures in the past and if that changes because of all the kiddies who play nothing but multiplayer, I'm gonna be pissed .

By the way, I'm fine with GTAV coming out early next year . People might say there aren't enough huge games coming out this year but honestly, that just means you're spoiled. The last few years have been so jam-packed with insanely huge titles that we're always expecting bigger and better each and every year. Really, I'm okay with what we've got coming. Bioshock Infinite tops my list right now.

Whatcha makin', Square Enix?

I'm almost certain I'm going to be disappointed – hate to be cynical but they routinely disappoint me with new game announcements – but I'm trying to be hopeful. Square Enix is teasing a secret game and based on what I see, I'm definitely reminded of Final Fantasy Tactics . And if they really are doing a true sequel for the Vita or something, I'll be very, very happy. But of course, that won't happen, will it? No, it'll be some watered-down half-RPG nonsense for the 3DS or worse, iOS or some such crap. It certainly isn't Final Fantasy XIII-3 or Versus XIII ; that trailer doesn't make me thing "big-budget blockbuster," so maybe I should be more worried. Actually, in some ways, it almost made me think of Suikoden

This generation isn't over yet. Square Enix could still surprise everyone. Or they could just sink further into the mire while vainly attempting to turn themselves into Activision. …sadly, I think the latter if far more likely than redemption, if recent history is any guide.

Personal gaming update

Been way too busy for much in the way of personal gaming, although I do like going through Journey every now and then, and with little time, the Vita tends to get some love. Still playing Hot Shots Golf , Wipeout 2048 , and even a little Michael Jackson: The Experience HD . Beyond that, I just have to keep cranking on reviews; the last few were just really disheartening. Ninja Gaiden 3 was well below average (and way below expectations), and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was just mind-numbingly boring and yeah, not very good at all.

I do have Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention to look at for the Vita, and I still want to review Ridge Racer as well. I also have Armored Core V sitting here, which is a big surprise; I didn't even know it was coming out. Never even knew a fifth title was coming until I saw it in the mail. But anyway, stay tuned for our upcoming "So You Think You Can Review Video Games" ongoing feature segment…

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