So who's up for the next generation? Okay, not me…but I won't have any choice. 😉

New consoles already? …oh wait, not really "already"

It's just so easy to forget how quickly time flies. When I read that report about both Microsoft and Sony showing off their new consoles at E3 this year, I was surprised. Then, seconds later, I realized it shouldn't be any surprise at all. If anything, in comparison to past generations, the announcement comes late . The Xbox 360 has been out for over 6 years now, remember, and the PS3 has been out for over 5. By this time in years past, we would've definitely heard of new consoles or in some cases, we would've already had them. It just feels like this generation has flown by primarily because A. I'm older, and B. it seemed to take a little longer for things to get rolling.

It's a bit of a struggle to accept new hardware, just because I feel the PS3 has a long ways to go. I'm relatively certain the 360 is tapped out (and has been for some time), but in looking at The Last Of Us , I got the feeling that Sony's current machine is already a true example of "next-gen." But hey, we know Sony doesn't want to lag behind this time around, so… I just don't know how excited I can get for new consoles, anymore.

Some surveys just piss me off

The vast majority seem so damn pointless. Either that, or they're completely and entirely misleading due to a variety of facts. Just look at that poll conducted at MocoSpace . It's a freakin' mobile gaming website and they're acting like hardcore gamers are abandoning consoles and PC for mobile devices. It's so outlandishly stupid. It just is. I know everyone is totally enamored with these damn smartphones and tablets, and I know Android and iOS already have some pretty cool (and fairly impressive) titles. I know that. But come on; are we really going to compare mobile games to what we have on the PS3 or PC? Or even the Vita, for that matter? No hardcore gamer I know is going to pass on Bioshock Infinite to play Angry Birds .

Real video games and real gamers honestly don't give a sh** about what's on their smartphones and tablets. There are some pleasant diversions on those devices, yes. They're great for when you're out and about (I assume), but sitting in your living room and playing on that when Gears of War 3 or Skyrim or Uncharted 3 is sitting by your side…? Never gonna happen. Not yet, anyway.

Personal gaming update

I've finally managed to tear myself away from FFVII and start Gears . I've always thought Epic's bad-ass franchise was one of the best out there; second-best third-person shooter to Uncharted . I have to say that Uncharted 3 proved the PS3 has moved into another realm when it comes to technical proficiency, because I think Gears 3 is probably the best the 360 can do. Not that it's bad; it's pretty awesome in all respects. I'm about five hours in, I think, and I'm enjoying myself as I've done with both past entries. There are a few small lingering old-fashioned issues that annoy me, but they're not worth getting in a twist about.

I'm looking forward to AMY next week, though; it's my most anticipated downloadable game of the year next to Journey . And I think it's really cool that the publishers are giving gamers the chance to choose the PSN price . That's behavior that should definitely be applauded. And I suppose I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a few weeks here. Did anyone see that OXM review about how the sequel "fixes everything" that was wrong with FFXIII?

I'm sorry, far be it from me to assume that Xbox gamers have any clue about this franchise (don't get all offended, geez), but from what I've heard, it didn't "fix" anything about the combat. …did it? I dunno…we'll have to see. I'm optimistic.  I am.  Swear.

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