Somehow, someway, another year is over. …just insane. 🙂

If Final Fantasy X a "remake" or not?

On the one hand, I'm happy to hear Square Enix say Final Fantasy X HD will have the "same quality as the original." On the other hand, I don't think S-E even knows what "quality" is anymore in regards to role-playing and on top of which, I still don't know exactly what they're doing. I'd like to think they're doing the smart thing and simply using the FFXIII engine for a complete graphical overhaul, and that's it. I'd like to think they're not going to do something unbearably stupid and alter the gameplay in some way. Not even Square Enix could be that brain-dead.

But what exactly is this? It sounds like more of an update than most HD overhauls, although I can't imagine they're making any drastic changes or alterations. I wonder if the Vita's involvement has any bearing on the company's plans for this re-release…I wonder if that has given them some ideas that wouldn't normally arise when planning an HD update. I think we need more concrete details on this one, don't you?

Still no Alan Wake? …hurry up, Quantic Dream

For a while there, it seemed like a possibility that PlayStation 3 owners would get either the original Alan Wake or the impending follow-up. The first game sold terribly on the 360 and we had heard that Microsoft didn't want to risk a sequel. There was also some confusion as to who owned what but as it turned out, while developer Remedy owns the brand name, Microsoft owns the publishing rights. So obviously, a PS3 release for any Alan Wake iteration is out of the question. That's a bummer for PS3 fans because the first title is one of my favorite games of the generation, and I expect nothing less from the sequel.

This only makes me want Quantic Dream's new project more. It's a mistake to compare Alan Wake and Heavy Rain in terms of gameplay, but both sport a heavy emphasis on storyline, and both feature some of the best writing I've seen. Therefore, just in terms of plot and character development, if PS3 owners are missing out on Alan Wake , they should look forward to Quantic Dream's mystery project.

Personal gaming update

Well, although I had sworn to get involved in Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Gears of War 3 , my play-through of Final Fantasy VII has temporarily derailed my motivation for modern gaming. Besides, I just saw the scene where Sephiroth put his blade through Aeris' back (oh shut up, it's not a spoiler when the entire gaming planet knows what happens) and every time I see that, I usually can't stop until Sephiroth is dead. It's still emotionally jarring to this day. The music, laying her body to rest in the water…it just sucks. It's so depressing. Honestly, it's what makes Sephiroth the memorable villain he is, IMO.

But I'll get to those other games soon enough. As for site stuff, we'll be posting up our Game of the Year Awards on Monday or Tuesday and that takes some definite time. I'm also looking into more interviews and another PSXE Show (with more advanced equipment). Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone; have a great 2012! 🙂

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