You know, given that radiant quest system in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that technically makes the gameplay almost limitless, maybe spouses have to worry.

I well remember "EverCrack" and an organization formed due to its heavily addictive qualities; I believe it was called "Wives Against EverQuest," or something like that. In general, if I were to guess, I'd say that when it comes to legitimate cases of video game addiction, 99% of the time, it's due to an MMO. It's the combination of an immersive fantasy world and the ceaseless drive to level up and progress from an individual standpoint.

Although Skyrim has a narrative and the game can be completed, it has a lot of the same elements found in MMOs. I only just realized this; I made the connection as I found it difficult to tear myself away from Bethesda's latest. I'm free from its clutches now – got way too much to do, and I've never had a personality prone to obsession or addiction – but I sensed the drive to keep playing at the cost of any and all free time.

You could dump hundreds of hours into this game without a problem, and I'm wondering if this is the latest "marriage killer" in the video game world. Sure, there are plenty of hardcore Call of Duty fans but then again, I feel online multiplayer has a few of those addictive elements found in MMOs…essentially, CoD online isn't much different; it may not be "massive" but it's definitely "multiplayer online," and some people can't seem to stop.

But The Elder Scrolls is different. Gamers want to lose themselves in another world; simple escapism could become something a tad more dark and dangerous. So the question is, will we start seeing spouses flipping out over the amount of time their husbands are spending with Skyrim ? I have a feeling we might…

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