Just a busy week that leads into another busy week. Still got a ways to go, too.

I normally don't care much about ads, but…

I gotta say, Sony blew me away with that "Michael" commercial , which showed a tremendous dedication to their long-time fans. It's extremely well done and really, I can't wait to see how they honor the next die-hard PlayStation fan. Typically, I really don't notice ads much; they don't invoke much in the way of emotion these days, just because I think I've seen it all. This goes double when it comes to video game commercials. But this one really surprised me, I have to say. That being said, I wonder if this will generate a sales spike in the same way the "It Only Does Everything" campaign did.

And that's why I just had to ask if Sony will see a return on their investment . Some say something like this will only appeal to the fans Sony already has , but I really believe it's exactly the opposite. It shows a corporation that appreciates its community, doesn't it? And wouldn't outsiders want to be part of that community? I'm sorry, but Microsoft hasn't appreciated a single human soul since their inception.

You know, I really want a story-driven racer

Now, I'm not implying that Need for Speed: The Run is the answer. It's true that EA might be doing something new with the upcoming racer; i.e., being able to get out of our cars and walk around, and the very intriguing concept of real death . Of course, I don't believe you'll actually die in the new NFS, nor do I believe the story will be anywhere near as prevalent as they want us to believe. But it gets me thinking: imagine what a true story-driven racing game might be like… It would pose some definite design and development hurdles, though, as we'll have to have gameplay mechanics outside of standard racing, right?

Then again, maybe the racing fans wouldn't like it. They probably don't care enough about a story; they just want to race. Nevertheless, adding an amazing narrative to a game that focuses on driving seems like a very cool idea to me.

Personal gaming update

I've been busy so I wasn't able to finish RAGE , but I'll definitely do that at some point. I also want to finish Catherine , although I can guarantee it's gonna take me until the end of the year. The schedule is just too crazy. I just did the Crysis review on a day I normally don't review anything, and that's going to have to keep happening. Dead Rising 2 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon are sitting here, and I'll have to take care of Sideway: New York this week as well. Not to mention Batman: Arkham City the week after, among other titles.

I'm also moving towards the tail end of this insanity in the middle of next month, so that isn't going to be easy. Let's just say that I'm asking for a little patience and a little understanding for the next six weeks…please don't choose that time period to make inflammatory comments or posts in the forums. I might snap. Thanks. 🙂

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