For a while there, it really looked like Square Enix would start to push Final Fantasy Versus XIII . We'd get more than a few behind-closed-doors peeks at gameplay and this great wall of silence concerning information or even baseline details.

But then they announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 and that was it. Versus XIII has taken a definite back seat and personally, I'm a little concerned. It doesn't appear to be on the horizon any time soon, while at the same time, we already have an estimated launch date for FFXIII-2. At the beginning of the year, we started to hear snippets from Japan and that included a few new looks at cinema and gameplay. Then what? Anything? Does anyone remember the first time we heard about Versus XIII ?

And you know, they unveiled Final Fantasy Agito XIII (which has since become Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP) and with FFXIII-2 everywhere you look, one might assume Versus XIII could be found somewhere . Maybe they'll bring it to this year's Tokyo Game Show but even if they do, I'm not holding out much hope for any significant update. I keep wondering what Square Enix's plan is for this franchise; it seems a little erratic since FFXIII and I'm not entirely sure why… Any ideas?

By this time in 2011, I fully expected the game in question to be a common topic of discussion. There'd be plenty of media and info to talk about. It'd be one of the most anticipated titles. But where is it?

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