I guess everyone is a fan of summer but me. Oh well, just another thing that makes me different. 😉

Other devs should take a cue from Jaffe

I'm plenty disappointed that Twisted Metal won't arrive this year . Being a huge fan of the series, I've been anxiously anticipating this long-awaited entry ever since it was officially announced. …well, ever since Jaffe and Campbell told me by accident, which was long before that announcement, of course. 😉 And now it isn't coming on October 4; we gotta wait until next year. However, did you read that update of Jaffe's at the PlayStation Blog? It didn't sound like a developer officially and reluctantly apologizing; it sounded like a gamer who made his own game, realized it wouldn't get done on time, and reacted like a gamer.

It's not like other designers aren't gamers; hell, they're all gamers. So how come we never see anything quite so candid when other titles are delayed? How come we often receive no reason at all for a delay? Why are we all guessing at reasons? Jaffe was up front with us; he flat out said, "it isn't done; if we released it on October 4, it'd be bad." That's awesome. I want all creators to act this way. All the time.

Good goddamn, Sony has the BEST studios

So inFamous and Sly Cooper developers Sucker Punch are now part of Sony's Worldwide Studios family . This is the kind of acquisition that sets Sony apart in the gaming world; it's the reason why the PlayStation 3 has the best exclusives in the industry, year after year. As so many designers have said in the past, Sony is willing to take risks, and they're willing to stick with talented teams for the long haul. Jaffe mentioned Eat Sleep Play's fantastic partnership with Sony when he apologized for the TM delay, and other studios, like Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Quantic Dream have all given Sony similar praise.

It's too bad that Insomniac didn't join up, but that's okay. The bottom line is that the SCE WWS group now has 16 members, and they've all proven themselves. To have a team like Sucker Punch working exclusively on PlayStation hardware is just another reason to stick with the brand. I don't go in for brand loyalty; I go in for the games I love, and where I can find 'em. Simple as that.

Personal gaming update

I'm still plugging away at Catherine ; I've decided it's something I want to relish, and I'll pick it up and play for a few hours when I'm not busy. I also got God of War: Origins from Sony, so you can expect to see a review for that (likely late Monday or early Tuesday). I have my code for the Resistance 3 beta, too, and I'll get cranking on that; I'm not a big multiplayer fan, but I'm looking forward to trying it. By the way, sorry for the delay in getting you codes for the beta; I just haven't heard back from Sony after they offered to give us some.

This past week, I played Bleach: Soul Resurreccion , which really wasn't my thing, but it was kinda fun. For a while, anyway. Entertaining but repetitive as hell. But I can't wait for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that's closer than some might think: August 23, and I can't wait!

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