Crap. Birthday this week. …don't really wanna talk about it.

Bowling says MW3 vs. BF3 is nothing new…well…

In some ways, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling is right when he says Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 isn't really anything new . As he says, it's two passionate groups of fans going at it, and if we assume that macroscopic viewpoint, then he has a point. But you know, in a lot of ways, this isn't exactly like the Super Nintendo vs. Genesis, or Sonic vs. Mario or Final Fantasy vs. Metal Gear Solid . No, we're talking about extremely similar games; both are military shooters, both have massive budgets, and both appeal to the same kinds of gamers. Plus, both titles come out within two weeks of each other.

I mean, I suppose it's true that passionate gamers will always throw down with passionate gamers that support other titles and genres. That will never change. But to say there isn't anything at least a little unique about BF3 vs. MW3 is…well, silly.

Damnit, give me Mirror's Edge 2. Now.

I know not many people around here care, but Mirror's Edge remains one of my favorite games of the generation. It was a little flawed, but it set the foundation for something truly special in the future. And you know, for what it was, it worked extremely well, and I've never minded trial-and-error gameplay. I think they could've done a lot more with the storyline, I believe the mechanics can be refined and built upon, and I believe something like the Frostbite 2 engine could really help. I know engines don't make for a great game, but DICE has proven themselves again and again. Provided they don't change too much, a sequel could be fantastic.

If you never got a chance to play it way back when, I strongly suggest picking it up. There isn't much out there right now, anyway, and I'm sure you can find Mirror's Edge cheap.

Personal gaming update

I was really impressed with Catherine but it's hard, so I'm still hammering away at it. I'm not sure if I'll finish it but I really want to see how the story ends. This is a truly original experience that is surprisingly addictive, and it's just really refreshing. I also have high expectations for Deus Ex: Human Revolution ; I fully intend to go all stealthy with my character, too. I recall all my Deus Ex adventures with a particular fondness; I didn't fall in love with them, per se, but I always enjoyed myself.

Stay tuned for Resistance 3 beta codes (should get them on Monday) and Episode #4 of our PSXE Show. When that goes up in PlayStation Home, we'll put Episode #3 up on our YouTube Channel . And we're also waiting patiently for our questions to come back from Square Enix…wonder what those answers will be like…

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