Happy July 4th to all! Yes, I'm aware that it's tomorrow. 🙂

I confess…I'm a little concerned about The Last Guardian

As badly as I want the game, and as much faith I have in the developers, this project worries me. From a journalist standpoint, it's really showing all the signs of a game with development problems; we see very little in the way of updates and when we do, it's usually news of a delay. And even then, the information is vague. Now they're moving their base of operations and although one could be optimistic, I'm starting to wonder… That bit about a "major reformation of our development environment" could be interpreted in a number of ways but right now, I'm more inclined to believe that the lengthy design process has hit a snag or two. I dearly hope I'm wrong but projects on similar tracks have turned out poorly before.

They've either been delayed far too many times, or the end result is nowhere near the level of quality gamers expected. Now, I refuse to believe team TRICO will mess this up; I know Ueda is a perfectionist and anybody that can create ICO and Shadow of the Colossus deserves all the respect – and trust – in the world. But we're really going to need more progress reports. And a new estimated release date.

There should be more buzz about Media Molecule

You know, these guys created one of the most revolutionary pieces of interactive entertainment of the generation. Therefore, when we hear they're moving on to work on something new , you should probably pay attention. This team has extraordinary creative and artistic talent and just about any genre would benefit from that over-abundance of imagination. LittleBigPlanet wasn't really my thing and yet, I was always blown away by what those titles offered. And of course, because they're a Sony-owned studio, whatever they produce will be exclusive to the PlayStation brand. It could be for the PS3 or the Vita but either way, we should definitely be pumped. Personally, I'm hoping for an RPG…but I always hope for an RPG.

I do that more often now because the RPGs I actually want to play are few and far between, but I know I still have a love for the genre. Media Molecule could really do something pretty special, I think.

Personal gaming update

I'm still playing inFamous 2 ; savoring it, really. I'd also like to keep pushing through Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection just because I've never played the Interlude or The After Years . Beyond that, I'm actually thinking of going all the way through Beyond Good & Evil HD . I never completed it the first time, although I came close, and I was struck by the game's originality and appeal when I played the high-definition version. I might want to finish up Shadows of the Damned , too.

We're sort of entering the summer lull now. The next game I'm interested in is Catherine , which won't be here until July 26 (although I might get it sooner). After that, another month until Deus Ex: Human Revolution . But it's nice to have a little break; might catch up on some downloadable reviews, including Puzzle Agent .

Lastly, many thanks to everyone who came to the Episode #2 debut of our PSXE Show in the PlayStation Home Community Theater. Episode #3 should be ready to go on July 21 and for the fourth episode, we're taking suggestions; it'll be a reader-driven show. I've already decided to do an old-school Final Fantasy segment because so many have asked for it, but we need three more segments. So if you have any ideas, let us know, and that idea just might get into the show. 🙂

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