So the big news is obvious; it can be found towards the end of our Killzone 3 review . But moving on…

Gotta get up for inFamous 2

For some reason, I just don't think there's enough hype and excitement for inFamous 2 . The original remains one of my favorite games of the generation – and boy, I didn't expect that – and based on what I've seen of the follow-up effort, Cole's new adventure will be even better. It's fantastic that we now have a release date ; I was starting to think we'd never see it. I noticed that some people around here said they actually wanted this one more than Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception …okay, that's a little bonkers but I can understand the frame of mind. inFamous was one of those games that got into your bloodstream; it was just so entertaining and so addictive, and in a completely different way than Uncharted . In all honesty, I think both inFamous 2 and Drake's new quest will be in the running for Game of the Year. That's hardly an exaggeration.

I think there's something about combining a superhero style with the Grand Theft Auto open-world setting. For some reason, it just works so unbelievably well . And did anyone read up on those Karma details ? It just sounds amazing.

Crytek sure is talking a lot

I don't really have anything against Crytek and I really hope Crysis 2 turns out to be an awesome game. I also have no problem with a studio promoting their product; with being confident about the title they've created. However, it just seems as if these guys are talking a little too much ; know what I mean? Based on the footage I've seen thus far, I can certainly understand that it required a lot of processing power but it doesn't come close to what I've seen of Uncharted 3 . Heck, it doesn't come close to Uncharted 2 , as far as I'm concerned. On that note, is it just me, or is there always a distinct lack of lushness and color in games produced by designers that are mostly PC oriented? They all seem to have these bland, washed out hues, and they all seem to be variations of silver, black or brown.

I've thought this for years. I'm not saying the visual presentations on PC are inferior – they certainly weren't in the '90s – but I'm just talking about the color . I've never seen the richness of an Uncharted in the PC realm, especially when it comes to shooters. That's all I'm saying. Or maybe it's just me.

Personal gaming update

Well, it's all about Killzone 3 right now, which is great. I won't talk much more about it; you can just read the review and wait for my commentary, which we'll record on Sunday. That ought to be more than enough, no? And yes, as you all have noticed by now, we have our PSXE YouTube Channel . Right now we just have a little teaser so we had something to go with the text review today, but more is to come. For the record, these will always be commentary; we're not replacing text reviews with video reviews. Most will also be available in 1080p, if you're so inclined.

But that's hardly the big news. We can't talk about that just yet but hopefully, you'll all know soon enough. It's sort of related to this unveiling but that's all we can tell you. For the future, you can probably expect our next video commentary when Dragon Age II arrives, but you never know…

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