Ah, football season has officially begun and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is exactly one month away. It's good to be alive. 😉


So I hear you guys have several unannounced titles on tap for the Tokyo Game Show, and I'd just like to say that if one of them isn't a new Suikoden for the PS3, I'm gonna have a fit . Look, with the possible exception of Suikoden IV and maybe Suikoden Tactics , every last installment in that series has been stellar in my eyes, and I so want another one. However, I have one requirement in addition to my request: it absolutely must be turn-based . I never knew how much I'd miss turn-based; I didn't realize it until the mechanic essentially died out completely. Now that it's gone (on home consoles; I know it's available in some portable RPGs for the PSP and DS), it really pisses me off, and Suikoden is one of those franchises that always featured wonderful turn-based combat. So if you keep that and produce a new entry, I'll be happy as punch. It'll immediately become one of my most anticipated games of the generation.

And no, I don't mind if it comes to the Xbox 360, too, and I don't mind if I have to wait a little while. So long as I know it's coming, my inner RPG self will be able to smile from now until then. Believe it or not, some of my fondest role-playing memories are entrenched within the Suikoden franchise, and it's almost all because of the fantastic storylines. Third best ever behind FF and MGS, IMO.

Okay, I admit it…I kinda want to play with EyePet

I've never had any interest whatsoever in the Wii and motion sensing in general just seems like one giant failed attempt at virtual reality. I will never understand why moving a flippin' controller in a certain direction will feel anything like "realistic" emulation of what's happening on the screen. Perhaps when true 3D gaming comes about, I might be more inclined to give it a chance, but as it stands, it just doesn't do it for me. …then why do I have this sneaking desire to toy around with that silly EyePet ? By all rights, I shouldn't care in the slightest. It's like that ridiculous electronic pet from Japan that people carried around with them (forget the name), which I thought was the single dumbest thing I had ever seen. And yet, I really want to give EyePet a try and if I could provide you with a reasonable explanation, I would readily do so. Instead, all I can say is I wanna tickle a virtual furry creature and see what it does…and I don't know why.

…I may need professional help.

Personal gaming update

Well, I can tell you I'm definitely getting Katamari Forever this week (it does launch this week, right?), because that series rules all and I really don't care what they charge for it. That'll be a blast. I also have NHL 10 , IL 2-Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 on tap for reviews, so expect to see those, too. I also want to get involved in that insanely awesome Uncharted 2 demo , and I'm hoping 2K stops ignoring me and sends me NHL 2K10 so I can do an effective comparison with EA's effort. Beyond that, all I really care about is Uncharted 2 and if Gran Turismo 5 releases this year (which seems inevitable), that will be mine as well. In the meantime, I tried the playable demo for that revamped TMNT: Turtles in Time on the PSN and didn't like it…so I went and won another Super Bowl in Madden '93 on the SNES. I decided to give Buffalo their first title…just because. 😉

Not much else going on right now. I have some outstanding ("outstanding" as in yet to be dealt with) female issues, but I've resolved not to put that stuff on the site much, anymore. It was fun for a while but I think the majority of the readers got bored with it, and I only do as the readers please. Besides, the current situation isn't really a good story, anyway. 🙂

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