Some silly tropical storm below us dropped a buncha rain today, but that's okay. We're heading into the biggest part of the year for the industry!

How many PS3 exclusives can't be done on the Xbox 360?

There have been a large number of developers who have said, "'such-and-such title' can't be done on the Xbox 360," and the latest is Naughty Dog in regards to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves . It's clear that this particular studio loves the PS3 and its immense capability, but in looking back at 2009, I'm beginning to recall other studio executives and industry insiders who have said the exact same thing; who have made it plain that their vision could not have been realized without the Cell processor and other benefits of Sony's machine. I heard Sucker Punch say it when talking about inFamous , we heard Guerrilla say it all the time in reference to Killzone 2 , Hideo Kojima often mentioned it when talking about MGS4, and Quantic Dream just stated at GamesCom 2009 that Heavy Rain absolutely couldn't be produced on the Xbox 360. Now, all this being said, do you all remember when everyone was making fun of Sony, mocking the "hidden power" claim as they did with the PS2…?

Er…are we seeing it now? Yeah, I think so. What about Gran Turismo 5 ? Think Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony even considered the 360 with their grand plan? And what about Zipper Interactive choosing an online service to handle MAG ? And while I know SCEA Santa Monica (an internal studio) is handling God of War III , do you think they'd say anything different? My friends, I think it's clear: the age of the PS3 is upon us.

They're doing it to us again…not sure my heart can handle it

Two years ago, Arnold and I were sitting there watching the Tokyo Game Show conference, eagerly anticipating the announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake. There had been plenty of evidence to support the possibility, which is why we were so…well, anticipatory. And then, a mere hour later, we walked away totally disappointed, and since then, we've always been disappointed again and again when the rumor arose. We soon learned to ignore it and just move on; we had to accept the fact that such a project simply wasn't going to happen. Then, Kitase went and said what he said , and silly us, we've stepped aboard the emotional roller-coaster once again. It almost seems inevitable that we'll end on a low note (the cars never stop at the top of those hills), and yet, we can't help but become excited and pray that this year's TGS holds the announcement we've all been waiting for. We know Square-Enix is going to hold one of their behind-closed-doors conferences during the show and perhaps that's when it will happen…

Well, even if it doesn't, they should at least confirm a Japanese and US release date for Final Fantasy XIII . Here's hoping that June 21, 2010 launch date is accurate…

Personal gaming update

So I went and did it today: I got the PS3 Slim. I traded in my Day 1 60GB PS3, got that $150 towards the Slim, and went home happy. Now, I know what a lot of you are going to say, but bear in mind a few things: I have a PS2 Slim always hooked up, and since I've gotten it, I always use it exclusively to play my PS2 and PS1 games (I have over 100 total titles in that combined library, and I still play them). Thing is, and I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this, but while the original 60GB PS3 was indeed fully b/c, I noticed the playback wasn't perfect. For example, I noticed a definite sound issue when playing a lot of PS1 software; Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is only one example of sound effects cutting off at certain times. There were other small issues, too; issues I never have when playing those games on my PS2. Heck, it's the one big reason I have the PS2 Slim and I love it; won't ever get rid of it. I also really like the look of the new PS3, the hard drive is twice as big as the one I'm used to, and I backed up all my save data on a simple flash drive to transfer it over. My downloaded stuff is attached to my PSN account, so I got all that back, too.

I also got a Dual Shock 3 out of it (the 60GB came with the Sixaxis, remember?). So I'm ready to go now. 🙂 As for games, Atlus is sending me the review copy for Demon's Souls this week – yay! – and there are plenty of games on the horizon. I'll be reviewing stuff like Katamari Forever , both hockey titles, both flight titles ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and Heroes Over Europe ), and Afrika . It's crazy busy time for the next few months, so I figured I might as well have the updated system.

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