Maybe it won't rain tomorrow – for once – and I can vacuum my car and clean up a bit. It has just be soooo dreary.

I don't know what to think about Metal Gear Solid: Rising

I really don't. On the one hand, I'm disappointed that Hideo Kojima doesn't have more of a role in this particular production, and I'm further disappointed that it won't revolve around stealth. In my eyes, this is a franchise that should always stay within the realm of "stealth/action," and while I know Rising may still be considered as such, I have difficult believing Raiden will play the same as Snake. In fact, it would make little sense if he did. But on the flip side, I never have any problem with awesome action titles; two of my favorite game series are God of War and Devil May Cry . On top of which, the team won't be trying to alter the MGS4 engine to work with Rising ; they're creating a new engine from scratch , so it can better be implemented on multiple platforms. Last but not least, I have tremendous faith in the team in question, and if Kojima isn't writing or directing it, it's still "Kojima Productions." When's the last time they let you down? Sure, the game is a long ways off so my views could easily move in one direction or another, but for now, I just have faith in the developers.

As for my personal opinion, it still wavers. I guess there's no way of forming a reliable perspective until I actually see some media; screens and a debut trailer would be helpful. It's kinda tough when all you have to go on is verbal and written information, you know?

Can't wait for Mirror's Edge 2

Yeah, I know all about the complaints. It's too short. It's all trial-and-error. You do the same thing over and over. To all of this, I say- "don't care." I had a tremendous amount of fun with the original Mirror's Edge , and I'm the kind of person who has never had a problem with trial-and-error gameplay. I guess I'm a perfectionist in that way; I like doing something over and over until I get it exactly correct. This might be the reason I enjoy the Splinter Cell franchise so much… But anyway, now that this sequel has been confirmed , I'm definitely looking forward to the new DICE effort. That is one studio that shouldn't go overlooked; the Battlefield games are all pretty damn good, for example. Besides, I consider Mirror's Edge to be the start of something special, as it introduced a series of new concepts and ideas that simply need to be expanded upon. I put Assassin's Creed in much the same category. While I will defend its quality to the death, I know there's much to be improved upon.

Maybe they'll come out with Mirror's Edge 2 and Dead Space 2 at about the same time. Both will be Day 1 purchases for me (provided I have the time), and yes, EA has their names on both. They've really come up over the past couple of years, and we should probably acknowledge that.

Personal gaming update

Well, I'm still in the middle of inFamous , and I'm certainly not complaining. That game is bad-ass and I'm very happy that it has sold exceedingly well . It's a well-deserved reward. I just recently attained Hero status and I think the Warren (second island) is somewhere around 70% complete. I just finished that ridiculously crazy mission where you had to repel invaders at the police station. At the end, you had to kill off a bunch of those huge Conduits and about a million other enemies; I still can't believe I survived that mess. But what a rush! And now, I hear Prototype is supposed to be pretty good, too…maybe I'll wait on Arnold's review to see what he says. We just got it from Activision a few days ago so the review will hopefully come soon. Other than that, the only other game I might want is Batman: Arkham Asylum , which doesn't arrive until late August.

I do however, want "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete;" I can't wait to own it on Blu-Ray! And even though I don't want any other games right now, it's fine, because inFamous really is taking a while (and I still want to go back to FFVIII). In regards to circumstances outside gaming, all I have to say is that I got shot down by the dental hygienist I mentioned previously. Eh, it happens. I got the standard, "oh, I'm seeing someone" reply, but I'm man enough to admit it was likely a lie, and is often the default response for an intended rejection.

Well, there's always Ms. Amy, I guess. Frickin' psycho, but whatever. 'shrugs'

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