Well, this is a new one.

First of all, if you're wondering about the pic, I'm trying to avoid this situation. If I do end up in this sad predicament, it'll probably be due to the fact that I didn't handle the conundrum correctly. As some of you know, I went out with this chick – the one who just found my job to be so very novel and exotic – and she's the same one who loved LittleBigPlanet . If you need a refresher course, check the Special Features and find the last couple of editorials I did (that aren't Week in Reviews). The subject's fictional name is Ms. Courtney, but now, there's another name: we'll call her Ms. Amy. Ms. Courtney and I will probably go out again tomorrow night; it will mark the second official date, and I figure things are progressing normally. Ms. Amy is one of Ms. Courtney's friends; one of the girls I met in the first editorial ("Stuns Gal Crowd"). Two hours ago, Ms. Amy calls me…

One might assume she called to find out how the first date went with her friend. It's a little forward and perhaps stepping over an invisible gal-pal line, but I've certainly seen it done before. But Ms. Courtney goes unmentioned and Ms. Amy is just talking to me like we've been old friends for years. For the first minute or so, I really had no clue who it was; when I found out, I hadn't the slightest idea how to respond. Things got foggier when she asked if I wanted to get a drink at a club at midnight tonight. …what world am I living in? What's going on? I just talked to Arnold, and he believes it may be a test, which is a fair assumption and one I have to consider. On the other hand, it could be exactly what it sounds like and if that's the case, I don't have a ghost of a chance of emerging from this mess unscathed. No matter how I approach it, I have a feeling I'll be the ultimate villain. So unfair. Seriously.

Anyway, as it's 12:04 a.m. right now, it's fairly obvious I didn't meet Ms. Amy for drinks. I just said it's short-notice and I'd have to take a rain check, but I appreciated the offer. I didn't mention her friend, Ms. Courtney, simply because I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. I suppose some of you will simply ask, "well, which one's hotter? Go with that one!" Eh, this is more complicated than that; like I said, it'll be difficult to come out of this without a scar or two. So as Arnold suggested, I think I'm going to call Ms. Courtney tomorrow and simply tell her what happened. If it's a test, I pass with flying colors. If it's not, I may unfortunately drive a wedge between two long-time friends (they went to college together), and there's not much I can do about that. But what happens afterwards…? Like I said, this is a first. And I don't like it. So, what do the readers think? I'm screwed, aren't I? 🙁

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