I'd like to think the snow is gone until next winter, but I'm not about to bank on it; we could get another foot in April. Who knows? Anyways…

Is anyone else slightly concerned about Metal Gear 5

So the hot rumor is that Konami will reveal Metal Gear 5 within the next few months; possibly at E3 in early June. If true, it would be the biggest news of 2009 thus far, and of course, MGS and Kojima fans worldwide are on the edges of their seats. However, does anyone have a few reservations…? Look, I have as much faith in Kojima and Co. as anyone else, but if that other aspect of the rumor is correct – that Kojima won't be directing the game – that immediately places a sliver of suspicion in my mind. Furthermore, let's not forget about his insistence on catering to a larger worldwide/Western audience this year, so the fifth installment in the series may be drastically different than what we're used to. Lastly, due to all the achievements and accomplishments of the legendary series, does anyone realize what kind of expectations people have?! It just seems as if there are a number of different factors going against this announcement, provided one has the gumption to look closely.

But make no mistake: I'll be on the edge of my seat just like everyone else. I love the series, too. I have complete faith that regardless of what they decide to do, regardless of the type of game it is, it's going to be awesome. At least…I hope I have that kind of faith.

The disc vs. downloadable debate

It cropped up amongst our readers when Sony explained their stance on the issue , and while I didn't get involved, here's my take on the subject. I don't mind the idea of downloadable content in general; I think it gives developers options and allows them to greatly increase the longevity of great games. It's a double-edged sword in that the designers could have the tendency to slack off , simply because the DLC lets them issue patches and updates if the game is lacking or even broken in some way. As for full games issued as a digital download…I dunno. I suppose. There are bonuses and negatives, of course, and I guess I don't have a problem if most games started to become available in both formats. I would, however, be annoyed if the disc format died out completely; I for one have a definite love for my game collection, and it loses all its luster when it's downgraded to a bunch of digital titles on a screen. Yes, a game collection can take up a lot of space. Yes, discs can get scratched or ruined. Yes, you have to go out in the big, scary world to get them.

But that's half the point. A collection is something physically tangible in my eyes. Does anyone honestly believe that a person's collection of five gazillion iPod songs is even remotely the same thing as the music aficionados' collection of 250 vintage vinyls?

Personal gaming update

So I've completed Killzone 2 . It took me about 10 hours – and yes, I'm aware I play games slow – and I loved just about every last second of it. I thought the final battle with Radec and his goons was a touch irritating, but it wasn't overly difficult and I thought the challenge was just about right. I just had to find the right position when on the second floor, and I realized that while wedging myself in a corner would allow me to keep Radec in front of me at all times, the fact that I had to reload at some point would always equate to death. Basically, I just ran around in circles with my head on a swivel to keep him away from me, and that worked out. The game rocks; plain and simple. Now, it's on to Star Ocean: The Last Hope , which I'll start some time this week. It's my first JRPG in quite a long time and I have to admit, I'm excited. 🙂

And I see a few people reprimanding me for not making a play for that girl in Best Buy. …I suppose it would do little good to explain that I'm just not in the right frame of mind right now. It may sound like a pile of crap, but let's just say there are times when I really enjoy being single. When the need arises, maybe I'll go out and look around but that need isn't always in existence; that's all I'm saying.

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