It’s almost time.

For me, and perhaps millions of long-time Final Fantasy fans worldwide, the air has seemingly ceased to move as one of the largest, storied franchises is only two weeks away from releasing its newest entry, Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix has set a challenging goal for sales at an optimistic 10 million copies . Only Final Fantasy VII has been able to achieve that mark for the franchise, but for whatever reason, that title was exceptionally legendary within the gaming community.

But as far as I can tell, there’s very little at play to suggest that number will be achieved. Lightning Returns barely eclipsed 1 million, and even the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII, across multiple platforms, came a couple million short of the mark.

On the other hand, this is the Final Fantasy many fans have been waiting for since its days of production as “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”. Perhaps a new, near-sandboxy presentation is what the franchise needs. Perhaps the release of the excellent Brotherhood anime series or the underwhelmingly reviewed “Kingsglaive” CG animated movie helped inspire new hope in its lore. Speculation from each “pro” or “nay” camp continues to fly back and forth, even now with copious amounts of information at our disposal.


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