I mean, in regards to their reliability.

There's a lot of luck involved when it comes to enduring video game hardware (unless you just kept buying the Xbox 360 over and over because you're a moron). Some people have very good luck while others inexplicably have terrible luck.

I know people who really can't go more than two years without having a system crap out. They insist they're not letting the consoles sit covered in dust, and they don't do stupid things like run them on a thick rug or something like that. Even so, they have to keep replacing their consoles because they just always seem to break. If I believe that they're actually caring for their machines, I just have to conclude that their luck totally blows.

Me, I actually have great luck. Despite what I said above about the 360, I'm one of the few people you will ever meet who never had his 360 die. I got it in 2006 and it lasted until I got rid of it in 2013. Sure, it crashed a lot and I don't think I ever completed a game without running into some game-ending glitch or freeze or whatever, but hey, that's Microsoft. They make sh**, what can I say? Still, the system never completely died, although I should probably mention that I only had about 20 games for that system. Maybe it didn't burn out because I simply didn't use it that often, I don't know.

But it's par for the course, really. I've never had a system die, dating back to the original NES. I don't think you can actually kill those old Nintendo consoles, anyway; I doubt I'm the only gamer who can say their NES and SNES never once bit the dust. I lost the SNES at some point but I bought it back a good ten years ago and that one is still going strong, too. All my PlayStation consoles were perfect…well, almost. The disc reader in the original had some issue but my father managed to fix it (some piece had come loose, that's all). Otherwise, the original PS2 was perfect and I had 3: The first was stolen about 6 months after I had it, the replacement went a long time before I picked up the Slim, and the latter is still working perfectly. My "fatty" launch PS3 was fine until I replaced it with the 120GB model a few year later and that one remains flawless as well. And yes, I still have the original launch PS4 and no problems there, either.

I've also owned the Sega Genesis and Dreamcast and neither gave me any trouble, though admittedly I didn't have the DC for very long. The original Xbox was another trainwreck in terms of software freezing and glitching out but even that lasted its full term (5 years before I ditched it). Obviously, my luck is pretty darn good. 🙂 How about you?

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