Nostalgia will always play a role with our favorite games but sometimes, even our fondest memories can't overcome the ultimate test: Time.

So, here's your chance to name one game that, in your estimation, has completely failed that test. It's a game you once adored but perhaps you've tried to go back to it recently, and just couldn't play it.

That happened to me with the original PlayStation title, Fighting Force . I remember seeing it for a few bucks on the PSN last year and the title triggered an onslaught of memories. I suddenly remembered playing this game endlessly, both solo and with a friend; I was always the big dude and I had a blast . I could easily beat the game and I did so at least a dozen times. Playing with someone else was super fun, too, and it was the local multiplayer game of choice for a while, even managing to replace Twisted Metal 2 . Well, we eventually went back to TM2 because it's obviously a superior game (and we knew that at the time) but even so, Fighting Force was just the bomb.

And as it's one of the very few games that have mysteriously disappeared from my collection, I gleefully paid the few bucks and started downloading. I couldn't wait for it to finish so I could go through my ol' favorite again. …but in about a half-hour, the system was off and my memories, while still there, were bittersweet. I mean, it was just unplayable. I couldn't do it at all. The response time was so ridiculous I could probably go do my laundry between the press of a button and an actual punch. I'd forgotten that we'd just learned to deal with horrendous cameras, so having the majority of foes coming out of nowhere to hit me got old real fast. Then you've got the crap-ass collision detection the whole way 'round and stunningly bad graphics (I can still play TM2 but not this), so the whole endeavor was a miserable flop.

It was kinda depressing. This ever happen to you? If so, which game did it?

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