Halloween is upon us once again and in honor of the creepy holiday, we want to know:

What's the one game you've played that actually gave you nightmares? The one that was legitimately freaky and made you jump out of your seat? The one you loved and hated to play with the lights off at 2 a.m.? In other words, what is the scariest damn game you've ever played?

One of the more recent titles that got to me was Outlast . I think it was how the horror adventure was structured; it was well paced and whenever you're no superhero, things are that much scarier. In fact, the less equipped you are, the more afraid you are (in most cases). Another game that I found quite unsettling was Alan Wake , which wasn't exactly a horror game – it was more of a dark psychological thriller – but its atmosphere was wicked good. No matter what you were doing or where you were, you always had this sense that something awfully unpleasant lurked around the corner. That's what any good scary game or movie does, right?

Perhaps the scariest of all time would have to go to Silent Hill 2 for me. It was a combination of great audio (using subtle noises to continually freak you out) and limited visibility (something is out there but where ?) that preyed on your emotions. Never actually seeing something but allowing your imagination to run wild sits at the core of every truly terrifying experience. Oh yeah, and that demo for Silent Hills had an effect on me as well; it sucks that the project got axed. Guillermo Del Toro didn't like it, either .

So, what's on your list?

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