A couple more weeks until Batman: Arkham Knight . Who's excited?

I hope that new PS4 model introduction comes with a price cut

This past week, we heard about FCC evidence that indicates the future existence of a new PlayStation 4 model , which will have a 1TB hard drive option. That's significant.

But it'd be even more significant if Sony announces this new hardware model with a price drop. Without any hugely compelling exclusives on the market right now – aside from Bloodborne , which is admittedly very niche – there's not as much reason to spend the extra $50 on a PS4. The Xbox One has a better exclusive lineup for 2015, at least for the time being, and games like Halo 5: Guardians and Forza 6 Motorsport have a lot of pull. The bottom line is that Sony can't continue to hold this lead if they intend to be the most expensive console for an extended period of time. That just doesn't work in the long run.

As for the bigger hard drive, I'm not sure I need it. Installing and re-installing games just isn't that hard to do on the PS4; I've already done it several times. And as save data takes up basically no space at all, I don't really have a problem with the 500GB HDD. Of course, I know a lot of gamers use more space on a more frequent basis and they're all clamoring for the bigger hard drive. I get it. But the only way I'll be interested is if a 1TB PS4 is a specially themed Uncharted 4: A Thief's End console, or something like that. 🙂 And by the way, can't wait for The Nathan Drake Collection .

Fallout 4 needs a good story to interest me

I know everyone is drooling all over the recently announced Fallout 4 , which I understand. I remember how popular Fallout 3 was and I know many RPG fanatics who love the series.

I wondered if the new title could possibly interest me because I just don't care about the setting. But I should clarify that any environment can draw me in if there's a decent story and compelling characters involved. Problem is, I don't see Fallout 4 playing out like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ; it's more of a post-apocalyptic Elder Scrolls , which is why I couldn't stand Fallout 3 . If Bethesda took a cue from CD Projekt Red when it comes to narrative, I might be more intrigued. If not, if all I'm doing is running around a barren wasteland full of sand and dirt and grimy individuals, I'm going to lose interest really fast.

I really wish we'd see a Dishonored sequel. I'd be all over that.

Personal gaming update

I actually liked The Escapists but it eventually got too tedious. The retro vibe, coupled with the unique challenge of escaping prison, grabbed me for a few hours but it soon lost the magic. I explain why in my review but I will add that if you're a puzzle junkie, you should really give it a try. The rest of my time has been taken up with The Witcher 3 , as I said yesterday . There are so many reason I keep coming back for more… I'm glad I installed the new update but I have to say, the increase in font size is a little disappointing. It's better but still not great.

I'll have to put it down long enough to play Arkham Knight , which will be tough, as that's another franchise I just don't do. Superheroes aren't my thing. But the good news is that a Rocksteady-developed Batman is like a guaranteed gem, and I never have too much difficulty playing great games. 🙂

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